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Day 17

Chris had another great day! He has been doing really good with his caloric and fluid intake. He was still down about a pound today, but he is very focused and we will see his weight stabilize. If only he could have soda.... Nothing a McDonald's Coke can't fix!

We met his new radiation oncologist today, Dr. Ning. I know we both were a little anxious to meet him after having had such an amazing experience with Dr. Jeter. I am happy to report that Dr. Ning is wonderful, also. He was very thorough and spent time showing us the area they are focusing on with radiation and how it is very likely that Chris will not have a sore throat! It was great to see. We were both very pleased with Dr. Ning and will be seeing him weekly for the remainder of Chris's radiation treatments.

Chris was pretty fatigued today so he got a good nap in. However, he did enjoy some sunshine with a golf cart ride in the afternoon as well as time outside on the patio this evening. Of course this was after the sun and temperature went down. There was a slight breeze so it was very nice.

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