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Round 3-

Here is the facebook update that I posted on 8/25/2023:

Hi friends, I wanted to send an update to everyone and this seems to be the quickest way to communicate to the masses. I am sorry it has taken me a while to post any sort of updates on Chris. I guess when everything is going so well there isn't much to talk about. As you might remember in January we were given the unfortunate news that Chris's cancer had returned. Chris started another round of chemo which he completed in mid April. He has been maintaining on immunotherapy infusions every 3 weeks. The week before school started Chris had follow up scans and appointments at MD Anderson. We were, once again, given devastating news. The tumors around the lining of his lung have grown in size and the cancer has spread. There is now lymph node involvement in his abdomen. So, this meant that Chris would need to start chemo, yet again. After a battle with insurance he was able to start chemo yesterday. It is a little rougher than the previous ones and he definitely fought dizziness and nausea yesterday. (Those of you that talked with him or saw him at the Extravaganza last night may have noticed this).

Please, pray that this chemo is the answer for his type of cancer. It is increasingly hard since his cancer is so rare. They often treat it like small cell lung cancer, because they respond much the same way. However, that can create it's own challenges since his diagnosis is large cell neuroendocrine thymic cancer. So, let's pray that this chemo, Irinotecan, is the one that his body needs.

We know that God is the great Physician and Healer. We know that He can heal Chris. Please, continue to pray for Chris's complete healing.

His next dose of chemo is in 3 weeks. Today he does feel better than he did yesterday. He is fighting a headache and fatigue but feels pretty good. Tomorrow is Reese's birthday, so hoping he feels even better then!

I will update again soon! We thank you and love you all!

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