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The fight continues

Well, this round of chemo has proven to be the most challenging with the hardest side effects. This round of chemo was 3 cycles of 21 days very similar to the previous rounds. However, this time he only has 1 day of treatment followed by 20 days of rest and he has needed every day of rest that he can get. He fights nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness in addition to the fatigue. Chris actually caught a virus after his first infusion and spent the week following his first treatment of this round pretty sick. Thank goodness they got on that quickly. 2 rounds of antibiotics helped.

This Friday is his 3rd and final treatment for this round. I am so thankful that he is still strong. He lives every day with determination and a positive attitude. He continues to work every day and is doing so good considering all that is going on with his body right now. He continues to show up for the students of Maize High .

Chris and Braylon were able to enjoy a spectacular day in Manhattan a couple weeks ago. They were able to be on the sideline an hour before the game and saw the players run out on the field. They had amazing seats and were pampered the entire day. Even more special was being able to see Avery Johnson and Bryson Hayes.

Right now the next scans are scheduled for November 30th at MD Anderson with the follow up appointment on December 1. However, we will see local oncology Tuesday and will see if they plan a scan before we make our next trip South.

In between the last dose of chemo and the next trip to Houston we will live! We will be present in each moment and be grateful for each one we have. We will post updates as we know more.

We ask you to continue to pray for God to heal Chris completely. He is the great physician and healer. He can do ALL THINGS!

Thank you for your continued support! Love you all!

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