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Day 16

Hi friends! I hope this post finds everyone doing well.

The kids arrived safely on Thursday after traveling the entire way in storms. Friday was a great day. Chris was feeling good so we went to a Hibachi restaurant to celebrate the week. Officially 1/3 of the way done with radiation!

Thank you to everyone that planned and attended the fundraisers this weekend. We loved seeing all the pictures. It looked like a good time was had by all and McDonald's gained many new Coke lovers!

We had an amazing weekend with the kids. We were able to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday with Chris's mom, my mom, my sister and her family and our kids all together. It was so nice! We enjoyed all being together. Chris even had more energy than he had been having.

This is another week of radiation only! Monday is always a longer day full of appt's. Chris has radiation, gets lab drawn, sees Dr. Negrao (medical oncologist) and has the possibility of IV fluids. This week was another week that he did not need fluids, yay! However, he is losing weight and his white blood count is dropping. Dr. Negrao is watching him very closely. He did start him on an antibiotic and gave him strict instructions to eat 3 meals a day, drink a boost 2 times a day and increase his fluids. Chris is a good patient and is doing as instructed. Hoping to see improvements next week!

We did receive devastating news today. Dr. Jeter, our master chef (radiation oncologist) passed away last week. We saw her on the third and she passed on the 5th. Please, keep her family in your prayers. She is survived by her husband and two teenage daughters. We meet the new chef tomorrow, Dr. Ning. We are confident that he will be excellent also and will be able to follow the recipe that Dr. Jeter created.

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