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Round 2

This week was another good week. Chris's numbers were high enough that they went ahead and did the second round of chemo. Dr. Negrao did warn us that the next couple weeks could be the hardest of them all due to the hit his system would be taking and due to Chris receiving radiation the normal medications that are given to help boost blood counts aren't possible for him.

Chris had chemo Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He is tolerating it well so far. No nausea. He has been very fatigued this week, but I will take it. Radiation continues every weekday as well and he is rocking that, also. Friday his throat started feeling a little thicker than normal when he swallows. It isn't hurting, just feels different. We have been anticipating this and it doesn't seem to bother him too much. He is still able to eat and drink just fine.

This week was a big one. We are officially done with the chemo treatments at MD Anderson and only have 5 more days of radiation! We, also, started planning for our return home! We will be back in Wichita on June 7th!! I can't believe we are down to our last week! It feels AMAZING!

We did have a couple long days this week. Chris was able to sneak a nap in on the couch in between appointments while I worked. The sculpture you see is the "tree sculpture" in the Mays Clinic at MD Anderson. Also, this week Chris had chemo again in room........ 27! God continues to be with us and shows his presence to us every day!

The kids last day of school was Tuesday and they arrived here on Thursday! You can see a picture of her principal and her BFF all dressed alike on the last day of school! It was good for us all to be together again. They have been able to enjoy the sunshine, swim and enjoy time with their cousins.

I have attached pictures of our time this week.

We appreciate each of you so much!

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