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Peace Out MDA!

We got home Monday, June 6th and have been running non stop since! Sorry, it has been so long since I posted an update.

Radiation treatment ended well. Chris even got to ring the bell! It was a very exciting day! We headed straight home after the appointments at MD Anderson. We got home earlier than anticipated. I am not sure who was happier to see us the kids or the dogs, lol!

We both returned to work on the 7th. It felt good to be back home and right back in the swing of it. The kids activities have kept us busy, too. You don't realize how much you miss the madness until you don't have it. Both kids made such progress, it was fun to see their growth. Braylon' is settling into baseball and really growing this year. It is fun to watch his confidence grow and see how much he is enjoying the sport. Reese has definitely mastered her back handspring and is currently working on her triple back handspring in preparation for her back tuck!

Chris was supposed to start chemo last week, but his counts were too low. So, instead he received a Zarxio injection every day to help stimulate bone marrow and boost his numbers. He has previously been unable to receive any injections like this due to radiation. Since, that is over now, the injections are an option. The downside to them is the bone pain. It started in on day 1. He got an injection every day for 5 days last week. They did tell him Claritin 24 hour helps with the bone pain. I had never heard this, but it did help. Crazy, right? Just grateful it worked!

Last week was also rough because his throat pain has continued to get worse since we left MDA and peaked last week. It was a hard week. He is so strong. His throat hurt so bad, but he knew how important it was to eat and drink- so he pressed on. The helpless feeling was awful. I just kept counting down to this week. I knew it should start getting better this week- and it has!

The Zarxio injection worked! His numbers were great yesterday, so we started his third round of chemo! He is doing amazing. His only side effect this week is fatigue, for which we are so thankful! He will finish up this round of chemo tomorrow. Thursday he will receive another injection to stimulate bone marrow, but it is a long acting one so he only needs the one injection. He will have 18 days of rest before his final round of chemo. His last round of chemo should be July 11th, 12th and 13th. I anticipate his numbers being good and no more delays since he is able to have the injection this time.

Many have asked what follow up will look like. We will go back to MDA in October for a follow up scan and appointments with Dr. Negrao (medical oncology) and Dr. Ning (radiation oncology).

In between that time, Chris will return to work on July 26th and is ready to start a new year with this behind him! I will keep you posted on the last round of chemo and post a video of him ringing the bell for the FINAL TIME!

Please continue to keep our friends in your prayers. They all continue to fight their battles. Sean Wiltse received Car-T therapy this week. I know very little about this. But, what I do know is there can be severe side effects. His immediate family that were slated to be with him have all come down with COVID so they are unable to be with him right now. I can't imagine the stress they are under as well. Pray that Sean's body accepts his cells back and that this is the cure for his lymphoma!

Thank you all for your unwavering support and prayers. We appreciate and love each of you more than I can express.

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