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Days 19,20,21

We are HALFWAY through Radiation!!!! What an amazing day! Chris completed his first three weeks of radiation. I am very impressed with his strength. He continues to amaze me. He remains positive and does all he supposed to even when he doesn't want to (namely eat a meal or drink a boost). The first weeks went fast and we hope the next three go just as well!

The weekend was relaxing. With Chris's immunity being compromised right now we don't spend much time outside of MD Anderson or the house. Chris was able to visit a golf store this weekend and shop for a bit. I went shopping with my mom and sister. (All of us were masked and are doing all we can to prevent any infection).

Chris's hair started falling out last week. Saturday night he decided that enough was enough. He was tired of pulling it out. So, we had a session and shaved his heads; on his terms and on his time. This was my first attempt at trimming much less shaving someone's head. Needless to say, my initial pass looked like a map on Chris's head. Thank goodness for dear friends that answer the phones at all hours of the night! After a few quick tips Chris's head was clean shaven and he was able to relax.

Sunday was more relaxation. However, we were able to view the funeral of Dr. Jeter. It was a very nice service. She was an amazing person and we are so blessed to have had her on Chris's medical team. She had her own health issues, but always put her patients first. She was positive and happy with an infectious laugh. Pray for her dear family.

We, also, watched the MHS 2022 commencement ceremony. It was wonderful! They did an amazing job. Aaron's speech was wonderful and perfect. Chris hated not being there, but was very proud of all of the MHS team. It was fun to see flat Dr. Botts there as well as hear the included puns he provided. Congratulations to all the graduates of 2022!

Round 2 of Chemo starts tomorrow. We will have another long day. We will be at MD Anderson for about 12 hours getting lab work done, seeing Dr. Negrao, radiation and then a 7 hour chemo infusion. Pray that the second round goes as smoothly as the first.

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