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Day 8/9/10

May the 4th be with you.... Chris has had a good week so far. He is starting to feel a little nausea here and there, but so far the medications seem to be helping! Praise the Lord for anti-emetics! Monday was scheduled to be a long day with Chris scheduled for IV fluids from 5:45-7:45. However, when we met with Dr. Negrao (medical oncology) he said his lab work looked so good and Chris was able to keep himself hydrated that fluids weren't necessary this week! Whoo hoo!

Tuesday we met with Dr. Jeter (radiation oncology) and more good news! One of the major side effects they have been worried about with his radiation is a terrible sore throat. Well, Tuesday, she told us that based on what she is seeing she doesn't think he is going to have a sore throat. She feels they have been able to miss that! WHOO HOO! She is the reason (CHEF) why we are here! When we were making our decision where to have treatment we were asking the wrong questions. We were asking about technology and the equipment. Dr. Jeter told us not to worry about that. She told us to think of the equipment like an oven. Every oven can make a cake. We needed to think about the team that would write the recipe. A great chef can create a masterpiece from an easy bake oven. And there you have it! We have the best chef! If you ever need a recipe for success.... Dr. Jeter and Dr. Negrao are the TEAM to have! We are so blessed!

We are still trying to figure out Chris's nutrition. What sits well and what doesn't. We are trying to ensure he gets the amount of recommended protein, fluid and fiber. It is definitely a learning curve, but we are getting there.

Kids are coming tomorrow and we can't wait to love on them! Pray that they have a safe (and dry) trip down!

Love seeing all the purple shirts today and flat Dr. Botts making his appearance everywhere! Thank you for the continued prayers, love and support!

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