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Day 4

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul" Proverbs 27:9. Our day started with breakfast with our wonderful friends. Our time with them is always special, but this morning going through this battle so closely together, was even more sweet. It was good for our souls to be able to share experiences, journeys, and laughter with our dear friends, while they are in their own battle as well. Our time together ended in the most special way, with a prayer. Melvin Johnson, MD Anderson associate, saw us all hugging and had us all join hands. In the middle of Cafe Anderson we formed a circle and had the most meaningful minutes of our day when Melvin prayed over us for Chris and Sean. It warmed our souls. He is a special man and I know God placed him there for us this morning.

Chris had radiation today. His only symptom continues to be fatigue. Chris was feeling good enough this evening that he walked outside.

We are so very grateful for family and friends at home that are loving our children. Braylon had a special lunch out with a friend. Reese had a pretty amazing evening as well. She is working on her tumbling and threw a double back handspring by herself and began working on her tuck this evening (doing it twice tonight with a spot)! It was a fun day for both of our kids and we are grateful for the love that surrounds them!

We are so very blessed on this journey. We love you all.

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