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Day 3

Chris had another GREAT day! He only had his radiation appt and chemo appt today. He is done with chemo infusions for 18 days!! He will still have radiation every weekday, but doesn't have to have another chemo infusion until May, 16th!

If you know Chris you know he enjoys Shipley's kolaches. We can't come to TX and not have them. We had breakfast at MD Anderson today and they had..... KOLACHES! They aren't quite as good as Shipley's, but they will do. Made for a great start to the day! Everything went very smooth today and we were on our way back to the house at 1:30.

Chris is still not having any side effects from the chemo, PRAISE THE LORD! He is fatigued and that seems to be increasing slightly each day, but we will take it!

The support that we feel is tremendous and we appreciate it immensely. We would like to ask our amazing community of supporters to remember some other friends of ours that are in the midst of their own battle with cancer. If you could keep them in your prayers it would be appreciated and I know they would feel the additional support and love that we do.

Sean Wiltse

Janett Doile

Ken Hitten

DeeDee Kittle

Ryan Jilka

Mark Hacker

Rob Stauffer

Mike Church

Thank you friends. We love you all. Here are a couple pics from today!

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