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Day 18

To say our morning didn't go as planned would be an understatement. The daily drive takes about an hour and a half every morning. Due to crazy traffic we like to leave with plenty of time so we don't have to stress about arriving on time for appointments. Well.... we woke up to a flat tire! So, mom to the rescue. We were so grateful that she was able to drive us (I didn't want to drive her car in the Houston traffic).

Radiation takes about 10 minutes, 15 max. Chris's appointment was at 9:40. We arrived at 9:38! MD Anderson only allows one person with the patient. So, mom got to sit outside on a bench and wait for us (yes, we are blessed with best.... on both sides)! Since it is a quick appointment it was not a big deal. She found a bench in the shade and made herself comfortable. We checked Chris in for his appointment and went to the lobby, half expecting for them to be there waiting on him because they are so efficient. They weren't so we took a seat in the busy waiting area (which is unusual) and waited for them to call him back. About 20 minutes later they still hadn't called his name. Long story short..... Computer problems. They didn't know we had arrived. They didn't realize they had a lobby full of patients and thought all their patients were late. So, they worked like crazy to get caught back up. Chris did get his radiation treatment at 10:40! Poor mom.... waiting outside.

Chris is still doing well. He was up pound today! YAY! Shout out to Discount Tire. I scheduled an appointment with them to look at the tire. I showed up on time, but to the wrong location. They worked me in, patched the tire and didn't even charge me! They were great! I will definitely go back to them and would recommend. They were very friendly and efficient.

Today was a day to stop and thank God for all he is doing. It made me think of all the stories of people that should have been in the world trade center the morning of 9/11 but weren't (spilled coffee, had to drop something off at their child's school, etc). God protected us today and we arrived on time and safe. Let us not forget to see Him and His many blessings every day! God is so good. We continue to be grateful, thankful and blessed!

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