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Day 1

Today has been a long day. Checked in for lab work at 8:15, had an appointment with medical oncology at 9:20, first radiation at 9:40 and chemo appointment at 1:00. We learned a lot. Unfortunately, no more soda for Chris for a while. (So, have a McDonald's coke for him)! Due to the aggressive treatment plan of chemo and radiation at the same time they anticipate a sore throat earlier than normal. Food selection is critical for him and well as keeping him hydrated. So, this is our focus! We meet with a dietitian on Friday (thank goodness).

He did really great today. He was surprised there were not any visible red lasers shooting him in the chest during radiation! It was a good sign when we walked in the chemo treatment room and it was B27! If you don' t know..... 27 is our family's number. Chris's birthday is 01/27, we got married on 12/27 and we were both 27, Reese's birthday is 08/27 and she will graduate in 2027!! So, we have a special tie to 27. When we saw the treatment room number we knew, once again, God has this! He is carrying us through this every step of the way.

Chemo got started a little late, around 2:30. He was bolused with saline (for hydration) then given some medication for nausea and then the big guns! He got 2 chemo infusions today and each infuses over 2 hours. So, we should be heading home around 8:30. He has tolerated everything well today (no side effects!).

We will be back tomorrow to continue this marathon. Thank you for walking with us and supporting us. Here are some pics from today!

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