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2/3 of the way through!

It has been a good week. Sorry there has not been a post this week. Chris is doing well. Monday we were ready to start round 2 of chemo, however, Chris's blood counts weren't quite where they needed to be. So, chemo was delayed a week. This week was a radiation only week. Chris is still tolerating treatments well. Fatigue and low blood counts seem to be his only side effects.

He is pushing himself to do all the right things. His weight was up this week and everyone was very impressed with all they are seeing. So, we are trying to continue the same momentum this week, hoping for more good news next week.

Today, Friday 5/20, was Chris's 20th radiation treatment! He only has 10 more treatments to go! 2/3 of the way there!! Prayers next week goes well. Praying his counts are recovered enough that we can start the 2nd round of chemo.

The kids come next week and we can't wait! Hoping everyone has a great weekend and the end of the school year ends well for all.

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